Unveiling The ApeBond Launchpad

3 min readFeb 7, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking development in the ApeBond ecosystem: the introduction of our very own Launchpad. This platform showcases our dedication to leveraging bonds, ERC-5725, and the mechanics of veABOND to redefine the way DeFi projects are launched and managed, ensuring long term success. Expect to see our Launchpad page on our website as soon as this week!

Our Objective: Revolutionize DeFi Launches

Our vision with the ApeBond Launchpad is clear and strategically focused:

  • Launch Quality Projects: We commit to bringing only the best deals to our audience, serving as the gateway to vetted, top-quality DeFi projects that drive strong market demand and growth.
  • Boosting ABOND’s Value and Utility: We’re integrating ABOND directly into the launch process to enhance its value and use-case within the ApeBond ecosystem
  • Enhancing Our Revenue Generation: This launchpad is not just a vehicle for new projects, but also a key component of our plan to increase revenue generation
  • Showcasing Our Bonding Technology: We’re set to broaden the use-cases for our bonds and ERC-5725, increasing awareness and application through this initiative.
  • Generating Community Engagement: Our tiered system and launchpad mechanics are designed to engage our community, fostering a sense of belonging and long-term commitment. Additionally, our community will continue growing by welcoming new users from launch projects.

Launchpad Mechanics: veABOND Points & Investment Tiers

We’re introducing a familiar launchpad mechanic to Launch Bonds, tying the ability to participate in project launches to the holding of veABOND and introducing a points based system on top. This model encourages long-term investment and greater accumulation of veABOND, fortifying our token’s ecosystem and encouraging long-term lockups.

Stake ABOND for veABOND in order to get a points multiplier and access Launchpad sales:

  • 45+ days = 1x points multiplier
  • 90+ days = 1.25x points multiplier
  • 180+ days = 1.5x points multiplier
  • 1+ years = 2x points multiplier

Our Tier System

Each tier offers escalating privileges and investment opportunities, incentivizing users to lock in more veABOND for more points and enhanced access and benefits.

  • Bronze Tier (1,000+ points): 1x Allocation Multiplier
  • Silver Tier (10,000+ points): Minimum 4x Allocation Multiplier
  • Gold Tier (25,000+ points): Minimum 10x Allocation Multiplier
  • Diamond Tier (100,000+ points): Minimum 40x Allocation Multiplier

Launchpad Mechanics: Sale Structure

Each launch will feature 2 sale periods:

1 - Guaranteed Sale:

  • Eligibility: Silver tier and above
  • Duration: 1-hour limit
  • Model: Weighted Oversubscription or Set Allocation with Registration

2 - First Come First Serve Sale:

  • Eligibility: Open to all tiers, including Bronze
  • Duration: 1-hour limit
  • Model: First come first serve sale, open to all tiers!

First Launch Partner

Stay tuned as we’re gearing up to unveil our very first launch partner in the upcoming weeks. Following closely on the heels of this announcement, we will share comprehensive details about the upcoming sale. Get ready to be part of something truly transformative!

Are you ready for take-off? 🚀




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