The Zoo is Growing: Beefy + ApeSwap

Vaults & Other BANANA Goodies 🍌❤️

2 min readMar 3, 2021

We are getting one step closer to the moon, apes! 🚀 We’ve got some exciting news — today, Beefy.Finance and ApeSwap.Finance are announcing our official partnership 🐒🐄 Read on for details about ApeSwap’s partnership with one of the largest projects in the BSC ecosystem!

Cows & Apes: Best Friends Forever ❤️

What do cows and apes have in common? Well… pretty much nothing, but who says they still can’t get along? The teams over at Beefy & ApeSwap have put our heads together to deliver lots of goodies for our communities through the Beefy Launchpool.


As part of our collaboration, the team over at Beefy has opened up 2 vaults to support BANANA LP tokens directly from ApeSwap: BANANA-BNB and BANANA-BUSD 😋 These vaults unlock a multitude of capabilities for our dear BANANA holders.

Look at those APYs! 👀

First, they provide the ability to be automatically compounded. As much as you love hitting that “Ape Harder” button, automating the process can help earn even more on your BANANA rewards. Second, this helps build trust with the community. Beefy is a very reputable platform and they are sure to inspect our contracts before supporting us. Having their seal of approval means a lot in the BSC ecosystem! We expect more ApeSwap vaults to open over time, so stay tuned for those updates.

Need some BANANA to get started? Come visit us over at ApeSwap.Finance!

Higher APYs & Rewards (with BANANA)

Beefy.Finance will be boosting the APYs of one of their existing top TVL vaults (such as BNB, BUSD, etc.) for one week using BANANA. For example, users that are staking mooBNB would earn their normal APYs + a layer of BANANA rewards on top 🍌

Both vaults and pools will have information that ApeSwap is boosting these, so be on the lookout if you want to earn those sweet BANANA rewards directly on Beefy’s Platform!

You’ll be able to access them directly on once they open up.




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