The Sonic Boom Program 🛸

Take your launch to the next level 🔥

3 min readApr 30, 2021

Apes we have an exciting one for you… Our first IAO, Astronaut ($NAUT), is introducing the Sonic Boom Program! 🛸

The Sonic Boom Program is a fast track program for high-quality projects to immediately get listed on a premier Decentralized Exchange, ApeSwap, after launching their token on the Astronaut IDO Launchpad!

The Sonic Boom Program was designed with top tier projects in mind 💪including multiple juicy incentives to get launched into the stratosphere. To give these high quality projects the opportunities they deserve, we’ve teamed up to provide DEX support and our combined communities, expanding the reach of these projects to some of the friendliest communities in the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem.

Here is a breakdown of the program 👇

Benefits of getting listed on a DEX right after launch 🤑

  1. Have your token logo on a premier exchange, ApeSwap
  2. Token immediately becomes liquid after launch
  3. Access to a large user base right after launch
  4. Marketing support form ApeSwap & Astronaut
  5. Faster CoinGecko listing process
  6. Incentivize liquidity for your token
  7. Become part of the Astronaut x ApeSwap family ❤️

But wait… To be eligible for a fast track listing, you must meet a number of criteria!

Complete the Astronaut KYC 🤓

Requires a third party KYC done on project owners and devs. Complete identification and verification will be required to pass the KYC. It will not be disclosed to the public if your team wishes to remain anonymous.

Pass the Astronaut due diligence check 📋

Due diligence will require a deep understanding of the project’s vision, capabilities to deliver on the proposed solution, experience and background in crypto / DeFi, and marketing strategy.

Pass the ApeSwap due diligence check ✅

After completing the Astronaut DD, you will touch base with us over at ApeSwap. Part of this is a bit more due diligence, the other part is getting you ready to launch on ApeSwap after Astronaut sends you to the moon.

Comply with vesting procedures 🔒

Because we believe there are no rugs on the moon or in the jungle, we are implementing strict vesting procedures. Our thought is, any true project should understand the importance of rugs and be perfectly fine with these vesting periods. This will give the upmost confidence to your investors and the crypto community showing you are a very serious project 💪

Below is the vesting breakdown:

  1. 100% of team token allocation locked up and vested over 0–12 months
  2. 100% of advisor token allocation locked up and vested over 0–12 months
  3. 50% of liquidity token allocation locked up and vested for 6 or 12 months (negotiable)
  4. 50% of the marketing token allocation locked up and vested 0–12 months
  5. 50% of the operations token allocation locked up and vested over 0–6 months
  6. Of the capital raise, 25–50% must be locked up in the form of liquidity

After launch 🚀

  1. Initial liquidity is added to ApeSwap
  2. LPs are locked up per vesting requirements
  3. Token is listed on ApeSwap Decentralized Exchange
  4. A pool is spun up, rewarding users for pooling liquidity in the projects token
  5. 3–14 days later a Banana staking pool and a banana farm is created for that token

We couldn’t be more excited to be continuing to partner with our growing Astronaut friends.

As always, hodl hard, APE HARDER!




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