The Final #HotDeFiSummer Stretch 😎

✅ July Round-Up and our August Pledges

5 min readAug 4, 2021


Apes, as we round the corner into the last month of #HotDeFiSummer we want to make sure we go out with a bang. 💥 August is another scorching month for us in The Jungle, so it’s our promise as always to keep bringing you the best that ApeSwap has to offer. 💪🐵

Check out our commitments for August below and then keep scrolling to see our crazy round-up of July! The momentum is real and we can’t wait to keep BUIDLing the Jungle together. 🏗🌴

August Pledges 📈

Auto-Compounding Burning Vaults — When vaults ser? August my friend. Yep, Auto-Compounding vaults are coming native to ApeSwap, so you can be hands-free with your farming! And what would these vaults be without a BANANA burn mechanic included. 😎

Updated Homepage — Yes you heard that right, we are bringing you a new and improved homepage to provide you more updates, news and what’s hot at ApeSwap right at your fingertips. 📱

5 New Governance Proposals — The time of our next Governance Snapshot is going to be announced on August 9th. Remember that anyone from the community can submit a proposal with 2500 $GNANA, more details can be found in our docs here. 🗳

15 New Trading Pairs — The Biz Dev squad has a ton of great partnerships in the hopper and has agreed to bring us 15 new and tasty pairs across BSC and Polygon with only the juiciest of APRs. 😋

A Monke Surprise — What is this? A surprise ApeSwap pledge coming your way? What could it be? Well we know and we know that you want to find out! Coming to a Jungle near you this month. 😉

Reddit AMAs — Every partner Reddit AMA moving forward is coming with a $500 giveaway in their token alongside an opportunity to ask that project absolutely anything. Join our Reddit and keep on the lookout as we’ll be hosting 1–2x per week! 🙋

#BURNSDAY — After our largest month of burning ever Apetastic and the team are ready to get back work. Look out for more burning mechanics coming to the Jungle as we continue to prioritize this across our entire ecosystem. 🔥

Monke Mondayz Meme Competitions — The final 3 weeks of #MonkeMondayz are coming in August so get your submissions in for a last chance at free $BANANA. 🤣

NFA Weekly Draw — Saturdays will continue to be that much sweeter in August as our final month of the weekly holder reward draw with Chainlink’s VRF is drawing to a close. 1 NFA in each tier will randomly win $100 in $BANANA each week. ⛓

July Round-Up 🤠

Governance — The snapshot governance system is now live and you can find the full details in our docs here. In our first 3 inaugural proposals the community decided to let emissions remain the same, graduate Tako from BUIDL and change the time and vesting schedule for IAO 007. 🗳

NFA Utility Announcement — Non Fungible Ape creator and Biz Dev Dir Julian shared our approach to NFA utility on Medium this month. Utility will come in 3 ways; partners, airdrops and 50/50 profit share thru NFA Staking from the earnings of the NFA Auction House. 🪂

NFA Auction House — The remaining 46 Non Fungible Apes are currently being auctioned off 1 at a time on ApeSwap.Finance/Auction! Each auction will last for a minimum of 24 hours and be sold to the highest bidder. 🛖

Twitter Verification — We became only the second project on BSC to become verified on Twitter, only further legitimizing our voice in DeFi. ✅

MVBII Top 10 Winner — After narrowing down from over 500 applicants we were proud to be named a Top 10 Winner of Binance’s MVBII! Every winning project will receive a $10,000 grant, a security QuickScan from Certik, sponsorship for full security audit and an exclusive incubation workshop with industry experts. Winning projects also might potentially receive direct investment opportunities from and a direct listing in the Binance Innovation Zone. 🪙

25 New Trading Pairs — With too many to name we hit our goal of bringing you 25 new trading pairs in July. Juicy APRs all around! 🤝

4 New ApeTV Episodes — Chimpin Chip gave you the deep dive into partner projects Wyvern, BiShares, Dragonary as well as recap episode highlighting the best of ApeTV so far. Missed an episode? Go back and catch them all on Anchor or Spotify. 🎧

$885M+ in Trading Volume — We had our second largest month in trading volume ever driven by increased traffic across the DEX. 💸

8 AMAs—Obie Dobo and Julian were on-deck all month to join and host AMAs across Telegram and Reddit. Curious what was discussed? Check out our latest AMAs with Mogul, Ternoa, Dragonary through these hyperlinks. 🐵

650+ #MonkeMondayz Submissions — Across four meme competitions y’all had us absolutely cracking up with partners Moonlight and Beefy Finance. 😂

4.3M+ BANANA Burned — We nearly doubled our total lifetime burn in July due to increased manual, protocol and buyback burns throughout the month, largely driven by polygon fees. 🔥

5 NFA Weekly Draws — We did 5 more Saturdays of random NFA Airdrops leveraging Chainlink’s VRF! Each week 1 random NFA from each tier won $100 in $BANANA. ⛓

Bishares IAO 006 —Our Initial Ape Offering with Bishares, a decentralized platform for Index Funds on BSC, was a huge success! The primary offering of $BNB was 740% oversubscribed and the secondary offering of $GNANA was 201% oversubscribed. 🦬

Delayed: Volume Mining — Last but not least we decided to delay volume mining for later in the year in order to prioritize new features that the community has requested. ⚠️

😎 #HotDeFiSummer only has one more month left and our CMO Rafiki and Social Media Director Diddy aren’t slowing down for you Apes!




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