Meet the Founding Monkeys Behind ApeSwap

Meet our team of ape founders ❤️🚀🙊

4 min readFeb 28, 2021

We’ve been getting lots of team-related questions from the community about ApeSwap.Finance…

  • “Who is the team behind ApeSwap?”
  • “Did monkeys really code this amazing DEX?”
  • “What’s up with the weird old Obie dude?”

Well, ApeSwap community, it’s time to meet our founding team of 5 monkeys❤️🐵

Ape Guru: Half-Monkey, Half-Machine

When I say Ape Guru is “Half-Monkey, Half-Machine” — I mean it. He’s the type of ape you want backing you. He lives, breathes, and thinks ApeSwap 24/7. Tangibly, Ape Guru spends the vast majority of his time on full-stack development, driving features to take ApeSwap to the next level. Ape Guru has been a developer for 10 years, and laser focused on the blockchain/crypto space for 4 years.

While he’s a developer at heart, Ape Guru has incredible business acumen and is quietly orchestrating many of the business decisions behind the scenes to make ApeSwap a long-term success. He’s a die-hard crypto enthusiast and has more confidence in ApeSwap than you could ever possibly imagine.

Send him some monkey memes on Telegram here.

Apetastic: A True “Code Monkey”

Apetastic puts the “smart” in “smart contracts.” He’s always on top of his game and never more than 5 feet away from a laptop at any given time. With several years as a blockchain developer in the space and some personal + professional projects under his belt, Apetastic is an engineer’s engineer.

Apetastic performs all the mission critical tasks for our team. Burning tokens, smart contract calls, you name it. If you haven’t noticed yet, he’s already burnt over $1,000,000 in $BANANA — some might consider him a pyromaniac. So if you’re fixing for more burns, it might be worth trying to get a hold of him.

Say “When token burn, sir?” to him on Telegram here.

Harambe Nakamoto: Never Forget.

Outside of being the former personal pet ape of Satoshi Nakamoto, Harambe Nakamoto has some deep semblances of his once master. He’s a true fan of anything crypto economics, analytics, and engineering. He balances out this nerdy skill set with some soft skills that compliment every member on our team.

You might find Harambe occasionally peeping into the community asking for custom memes. He’s also a bit of a yield farming addict, always looking for his next farm fix and constantly staying up to date on the space.

Shill him some farms on Telegram here.

Donkey Kong: The Spark Plug

If you didn’t get the vibe from Donkey Kong’s energy, he’s the absolute spark plug of the team. Friendly to everyone and unusually optimistic, Donkey Kong makes a great people pleaser and business connector.

Donkey Kong drives much of our Business Development efforts and is always connecting with new projects and keeping up with the space. He also helps to manage the Official ApeSwap Twitter account, so next time you comment on one of our posts, give Donkey a shout out.

Tell him who we should partner with on Telegram here.

Obie Dobo: The Zoo Keeper

Someone has to keep all the apes in line, don’t they? Well in the world of ApeSwap, that’s good ol’ Obie Dobo.

At 87 years young, he’s by far the most experienced member on the team. His experiences running banana plantations translate well to ApeSwap. He’s also got some close ties to the crypto space, being the grandfather of DeFi.

Obie is the face of the ApeSwap community. You’ll find him lurking in the trenches of Telegram. He loves memes and has been known to toss some free $BANANA to those who send him some custom ones. Obie helps with every aspect of the project a bit, but at the end of the day he just wants to hear “I love you.”

Tell him you love him on Telegram here.

Other Team Members

Please note, we’ve only highlighted the founding 5 in this article. We have dozens of other monkeys behind the scenes helping with designs, code pushes, business development, community management, and more.

We are deeply grateful for each one of you — you know who you are ❤️

We look forward to growing ApeSwap into the future of Binance Smart Chain DeFi with all of you 🚀




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