Meet β€” IAO #2

The $BANANA is strong with this one 🍌

2 min readMar 28, 2021

If your banana-buzz from last Initial Ape Offering has already worn off, don’t worry β€” we’ve got something that will kick things back into lightspeed πŸš€

Introducing, our next IAO partner! 🐡

Join us, and together we can rule BSC as Ape & Jedi

You know the drill, all the action takes place at ApeSwap.Finance/IAO, one hour long, and you need BANANA-BNB LPs to participate.

πŸš€ Launch Time: April 2nd at 03:00 UTC

πŸ’² Token Price: $0.10 per $JDI

🎫 For Sale: 7,000,000 $JDI

πŸ’° Hard Cap: $700,000

🍌 BANANA to Burn: $350,000

πŸ• Duration: 1 hour ($JDI is going quick!)

If you need a refresher on how to participate in an IAO, check out the details in our docs!

Jedi’s protect the jungle: $JDI Vesting Plan πŸ›‘

To ensure the safety of our Apes and to prove the commitment of the JediYield team, we are teaming up with our CryptEx Locker partners to lock up and vest the initial funds.

1. All the team and operations tokens will be locked for for 2 months and release linearly for 10 months.

2. 25% of the IAO funds will be locked in the form of JDI-BNB liquidity using the 10% JDI allocated for initial liquidity for a period of six months or more.

What are JediYield and $JDI? πŸ’«

JediYield is a yield farming aggregation platform designed for BSC yield farmers, by BSC yield farmers. JediYield aims to increase overall convenience, accessibility, and security for Binance Smart Chain farmers. Users can freely stake their funds, monitor portfolios and graphs, and farm yield across all platforms in a single location β€” all regardless of whether the original farming site is accessible or not!

The basic version of JediYield is free to use, but those who want to go PRO will need $JDI as a membership token. To get access users must hold a specific amount of $JDI to explore the additional features. No subscription fee β€” just hodl $JDI.

Check out all the details on

May the IAO be with, Apes πŸ’ͺ




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