Meet BitFresh — IAO #003

Who’s feeling lucky? 🎲

3 min readApr 21, 2021

No Luck Needed — Third Time’s the Charm 🍀

Apes, you’re not going to need any luck with this Initial Ape Offering —it’s an absolute gem 💎 Get ready for BitFresh.Win coming to ApeSwap’s IAO Launch Platform!

It’s important to note that this IAO will have two components:

  1. A Primary Offering — IAO Business as Usual
  2. A Secondary Offering — IAO Tokens purchased with $GNANA

Both offerings will occur at the same time and for the same token price, but they will be on different UI pages, have different hard caps, and use different methods for purchasing $BFT. Read all the details below.

Details about the Primary $BFT Offering

The primary sale takes place at ApeSwap.Finance/IAO, one hour long, and you need BANANA-BNB LPs to participate — just like normal.

The ApeSwap.Finance/IAO Page

🖥 Sales Page: IAO Page —

🚀 Launch Time: April 24th at 03:00 UTC

💲 Token Price: $0.01 per $BFT (paid in BNB-BANANA LPs)

🎫 For Sale: 100,000,000 $BFT

💰 Hard Cap: $1,000,000

🍌 BANANA to Burn: $500,000

🕐 Duration: 1 hour ($BFT is going quick!)

If you need a refresher on how to participate in a standard IAO, check out the details in our docs!

Secondary $BFT Offering: The Golden BANANA 🍌

As you might’ve noticed, we published some additional details on our Golden Banana token ($GNANA). You can read all the details about it here, but for the purposes of the BFT Initial Ape Offering, here’s what you need to know.

NOTE: You still pay for the IAO with GNANA, it’s not staking, your GNANA will be used as funding for the IAO and you will get the BFT tokens in return. Of course, we burn half still.

The ApeSwap.Finance/Apezone Page

🖥 Sales Page (COMING SOON): The ApeZone —

🚀 Launch Time: April 24th at 03:00 UTC

💲 Token Price: $0.01 per $BFT (paid in $GNANA)

🎫 For Sale: 10,000,000 $BFT

💰 Hard Cap: $100,000

🍌 GNANA to Burn: $50,000

🕐 Duration: 1 hour ($BFT is going quick!)

About BitFresh 🍒

Bitfresh is the first community-driven iGaming platform where everyone wins! You’ll find all your favorite games and more in a provably fair environment built on-chain from the ground up. All user bets count towards earning the native Bitfresh token, and holding $BFT allows you to earn a share of house profits.

The BitFresh Platform in Alpha

Learn more about BitFresh, their platform, the token economics and more over at their official site.




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