Introducing The CEX Fund Bond

3 min readNov 24, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an innovative initiative designed to support the development and maintenance of our upcoming centralized exchange (CEX) efforts! This pioneering venture, named the CEX Fund Bond, will specifically be used to aggressively seek and maintain centralized exchange listings for our eagerly anticipated token, ABOND. An early-access to the CEX Fund Bond is already available on our website, here.

Our CEX Fund Goals

Our mission initially is to raise $150,000 USD through the issuance of this new Bond, which can be bought with USDT. We’re dedicating these funds exclusively to the listings of ABOND on centralized exchanges and their ongoing maintenance. This strategic move is more than just a raising effort; it’s a testament to our commitment to our community and the future of ABOND.

CEX Fund Bonds can be acquired using USDT. In return, you’ll receive ABOND tokens at a discounted rate, based on the token launch price, set for December 12th, at 13:00 UTC. This is an incredible chance for you to be part of ABOND’s growth journey from its very inception.

In line with our philosophy of stability and growth, ABOND tokens will vest linearly over 90 days. This means that as an collaborator, you can claim your tokens gradually, ensuring a seamless and controlled release into the market. Please note, the CEX Fund Bonds will start vesting 3 days after the ABOND distribution starts, on December 15th.

Pre-Sale System

A pre-sale of the ABOND CEX Fund Bond is available now in our Bonds page. By purchasing the CEX Fund Bond early, you’ll acquire a derivative token called $ACF (ABOND CEX Fund), which will vest from December 13th to December 15th. Once claimed, you’ll be able to exchange your ACF tokens for your actual ABOND Bond, which will contain the total amount of ABOND you’ve bought (with the discount applied to the launch price). This Bond will vest linearly for 90 days after redeemed.

Buy ABOND at a discount and support our CEX listing efforts, here!

Get The Commemorative Bond NFT

In celebration of this special occasion, and to honor the incredible support of our community, we’re introducing an exclusive Commemorative Bond NFT! The CEX Fund Bond (launching December 15th) will feature special artwork by re-introducing the Obie legend, The Jungle background, and the BANANA border. All CEX Fund Bonds will be fully colored, without any minimum spend requirement, to show appreciation for everyone who contributes to our CEX listing initiative — and in order to always remember our roots!

Our Commitment to Growth

We are committed to making this initiative a resounding success. Based on the amount raised, we promise to aggressively seek centralized exchange listings from as soon as day zero of ABOND’s release. And we don’t plan to stop there. With sufficient resources, we’ll continue to pursue listings on even bigger CEXs, fueling our growth and expansion.

We know how eagerly anticipated CEX listings are for our community, so this is your chance to participate! We believe the CEX Fund Bond marks a significant step forward for us at ApeBond. It’s not just an innovative raising method; it represents our dedication to providing value to you, our investors, and expanding our presence in the cryptocurrency market. This initiative offers a blend of opportunity and support for our promising upcoming token.

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