Introducing ⚡Flash Bonds: Your Chance To Get Bitcoin At A Discount!

4 min readApr 18, 2024


The cryptocurrency landscape is perpetually evolving, and ApeBond is spearheading this transformation with an exciting and unique offering: Flash Bonds. This innovative opportunity allows investors to purchase Bitcoin ($BTC) at exclusive discounts, making it an unmissable venture for seasoned traders and newcomers alike. ⚡Flash Bonds will debut on the ApeBond website on April 23rd at 17:00 UTC, utilizing USDT for transactions, and promising a revolutionary investment opportunity.

Exclusive Access, Exclusive Rewards

Flash Bonds are a gateway to purchasing the most mainstream tokens in crypto — Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB — at a discount not seen elsewhere. Participation is exclusive and requires a minimum Tier status within the ApeBond Launchpad ecosystem. To participate in the first sale of $200k in $BTC, interested parties need to attain either a Diamond or Legend Tier, which are accessible by acquiring Launchpad Points through locking ABOND into veABOND.⚡Flash Bonds will happen twice a week, with a variable discount of up to 3% depending on your Tier. The discounts are applied to the price of the sale token (e.g., $BTC) at the start of the sale, and these fixed prices are maintained throughout (meaning the sale prices won’t change regardless of tokens’ price variations during the sale). Sale tokens, allocations, eligible Tiers, and discounts may vary in each sale.

Flash Sale #1 Allocations (Tuesday April 23rd, 17:00 UTC):

  • Diamond Tier: Requires 100,000 points, with an allocation of $50K worth of $BTC and a 2% discount.
  • Legend Tier: Requires 500,000 points, with an allocation of $150K worth of $BTC and a 3% discount.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tiers do not qualify for participation in the first⚡Flash Bonds sale. This exclusivity ensures that only the most dedicated investors gain access to this unique deal at the very beginning.

How It Works

The process is straightforward:

  1. Purchase and lock ABOND tokens to earn Launchpad Points.
  2. Lock longer to gain an additional Points Multiplier.
  3. Acquire enough points to reach Diamond or Legend Tier.
  4. Participate in ⚡Flash Bonds sales, held twice a week.

The initial sale lasts for just one hour and offers a total of $200K USD worth of BTC at a discount — $50K for Diamond Tier holders and $150K for Legend Tier holders. The vesting is instant, allowing investors immediate access to their purchased BTC after the sale ends.

Mark Your Calendars

The first ⚡Flash Bonds sale is set to ignite the crypto market on Tuesday, April 23rd at 17:00 UTC. This is not a one-time event; Flash Bonds will continue twice weekly, providing ongoing opportunities for those ready to invest periodically. Other blue chip tokens like BNB or ETH might also be featured for sale through ⚡Flash Bonds in the future!

A Legacy of Innovation and Success

Since its inception in early 2022, ApeBond has revolutionized the DeFi bonds market, successfully bonding over $11 million USD. With more than 120 Bonds partners across five different chains, ApeBond is establishing itself as the premier Bonding Protocol in DeFi. Their Launchpad, introduced in March, has already seen two sold-out launches and has more coming up in the pipeline.

Flash Bonds are designed to synergize with the sales of BTC and other blue-chip tokens by integrating them with ApeBond’s native token, $ABOND. This strategy not only promotes investment in top-tier digital assets but also enhances the utility and value of the ABOND ecosystem, rewarding long-term commitment.

Get Ready to Invest

Prepare to join a new era of investment in Bitcoin through ApeBond’s ⚡Flash Bonds. Bookmark the URL, and ensure you are part of this exclusive group by visiting to secure your Tier now! Remember, only Diamond and Legend Tier holders can participate in this groundbreaking initiative.

Mark your calendars for the first $BTC at a discount sale ever, this Tuesday at 17:00 UTC, and be part of the ⚡Flash Bonds revolution. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin like never before!




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