Growth DeFi x ApeSwap

Exciting news coming to the jungle 👀

2 min readAug 8, 2021

ApeSwap is proud to welcome Growth DeFi as our official partner for the launch of their overcollateralized soft pegged stablecoin, MOR. This partnership presents substantial benefits for both of our communities, and we are excited about the prospect of working together to benefit our users!

So what does this mean? What are the benefits of our partnership?

Growth is creating the first of its kind overcollateralized stablecoin platform, allowing users to mint their stablecoin, MOR, using BANANA and various other assets as collateral. For those who don’t know, an overcollateralized stablecoin requires higher collateral than the amount of MOR stablecoins you are minting, ensuring your MOR stables retain their value even if the market suffers a drop. They also have an innovative vaulting system, allowing users to farm using Growth vaults and use their vault staking as collateral to mint MOR as well. 🤯

In Ape terms:

  • BANANA listed as collateral for MOR on Growth 🍌
  • Ability to leverage yield farm earning BANANA tokens on Growth ⤴️
  • GRO-rewarding BANANA fiesta pool 🎉
  • MOR/BUSD farm on ApeSwap (and vault on Growth) 🚜
  • Increased TVL & Volume on ApeSwap 🐵
  • BANANA token burns built in to Growth vaults 🔥

ApeSwap users get a ‘golden ticket’ to all the user benefits MOR has to offer, with direct collateral access and having a dedicated MOR/BUSD LP so you can borrow MOR and farm for BANANA, or easily swap your MOR into other assets directly through the ApeSwap platform!

MOR/BUSD will be the primary trading pair utilized on Growth, all volume on this pair will be routed through ApeSwap. 🚀

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