ERC-5725: Its Importance and Use Cases in the Industry

4 min readApr 12, 2024


A Recap of the Advantages of ERC-5725

At ApeBond, we consider education to be crucial. Last year, we published an educational article highlighting our co-authored Ethereum Improvement Proposal, EIP-5725. The piece delves into the mechanics of how these NFTs function, their possible uses, and the impact they could have on the wider NFT and blockchain ecosystem.

Implementing EIP-5725 has brought some game-changing advantages. First off, it makes vesting tokens transferable. This means there can now be a secondary market for NFTs tied to unvested tokens, which really opens up how much control and flexibility both users and protocols have. Secondly, EIP-5725 allows for the development of unique NFT art, incorporating specific features like special edition marks or color themes, which enhance their value and significance in secondary markets.

EIP-5725 also introduces flexible vesting options for NFTs. This means projects can set up vesting schedules that fit their needs perfectly, whether that’s making the vesting speed up or slow down over time. Additionally, the EIP-5725 standard supports the development of comprehensive dashboards and analytical tools, offering a unified view of vesting NFTs across blockchain networks. This enables consolidated monitoring of vesting tokens and attributes, aiding projects in strategic decision-making for future launches and marketing efforts. Further technical details are available here, or in the official documentation on the page.

How ApeBond is Setting the Standard - Key Projects

1. Bonds: Our Pride and Joy

ApeBond introduced Bonds more than two years ago as a revolutionary DeFi liquidity solution, centered around ERC-5725: Transferable Vesting NFTs. This innovation enables users to acquire tokens at a discount by providing liquidity through LP tokens or single assets, such as blue-chip tokens or stablecoins. Each bond is represented by a unique NFT, encapsulating the essence of the transaction and the vesting tokens. Our aim was to boost the financial health and liquidity of ApeBond and our partners, stepping away from the usual liquidity renting models. We came up with Liquidity Bonds, Reserve Bonds, and Launch Bonds, each catering to different needs but all integrating ABOND tokens in various ways. By leaning on ERC-5725, not only do the Bonds work smoothly, but they also help build a stronger, more involved DeFi community.

2. Token Migration

The rebranding and migration to ABOND was a big moment, shifting our focus more towards bonding in DeFi, all powered by the magic of ERC-5725: Transferable Vesting NFTs.

Our ERC was a key player in our rebrand and token migration, making sure the migration from ApeSwap tokens to ABOND was smooth, stable in price, and set a new standard in the crypto world. Users got their hands on bonds with different vesting periods and multipliers, showing how much ABOND they’d get over time and encouraging a longer commitment to the platform.

3. ApeBond Launchpad

The ApeBond Launchpad, powered by ERC-5725, stands as a cornerstone for revolutionizing DeFi project launches, emphasizing sustainability and community engagement. This strategic use of ERC-5725 allows for a nuanced approach to launches, integrating ABOND for enhanced utility and value within the ApeBond ecosystem. Through veABOND mechanics and a tiered system, the launchpad aims to foster a committed community and introduce high-quality DeFi projects. ERC-5725 is pivotal in enabling these innovations, underscoring its significance in the launchpad’s functionality and the broader vision of ApeBond. Long-term lockups of veABOND secures more points and enhanced access and benefits for users, something already seen in the case of the ABOND token migration.

Closing Thoughts: Endless Possibilities with ERC-5725

The significance of ERC-5725 to ApeBond’s operations is immense, particularly in the areas of our bonds product, token migration, and the functionality of the ApeBond Launchpad, with many more applications yet to be uncovered.

Without the innovative framework provided by ERC-5725, a seamless token transition and the strategic implementation of the ApeBond Launchpad, which prioritizes sustainability and community engagement, would not have been possible. This standard has enabled ApeBond to lead in the DeFi space, ensuring that its efforts in token migration and project launches are both user-centric and forward-looking. It underscores the vital role of ERC-5725 in these processes.

Stay tuned for what’s coming next, as we continue to explore and expand the ERC-5725 standard!




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