Caffeinated Monkeys: ApeSwap + CafeSwap ☕️🍌

Who doesn’t love BREW and BANANAs?

2 min readMar 9, 2021


Most of our DeFi Apes get their sustainable energy from eating BANANAs, but what about a quick fix after a long night of farming? 🤔 Don’t worry, our partners over at CafeSwap.Finance now have you covered with their energizing BREW tokens!

What does an ApeSwap + CafeSwap Partnership Mean?

Well, there will be two phases to this partnership, all designed to give you more utility for your BANANA and BREW tokens. Specifically, the first phase looks like this:

📈 ApeSwap will open up 3 new trading pairs on our DEX: BREW/BANANA, BREW/BUSD, and BREW/BNB pairs.

🍌 ApeSwap will open a farm for BREW/BANANA LP tokens that rewards BANANA at a 4x multiplier starting at 8 PM EST.

☕️ CafeSwap will open a farm for BREW/BANANA LP tokens that rewards BREW at a 4x multiplier starting at 11 PM EST.

But Wait… There’s More!

If you didn’t know, CafeSwap.Finance is working on opening up their very own DEX. It’s estimated to be about two weeks away from delivery.

Once the CafeSwap DEX opens up, they will create 2 new trading pairs on their DEX for BNB/BANANA and BUSD/BANANA. With these CafeSwap LPs, users will be able to stake in two new farms to earn even more BREW! So many uses for BREW and BANANA!

And Don’t Forget the Coffee Monkey Memes

Oh, and Obie Dobo said he’s going to be giving 100 BANANAs each to 2 lucky monkeys who come up with the best ApeSwap + CafeSwap memes ❤️

Here are the rules:

  1. Must be following ApeSwap and CafeSwap on Twitter.
  2. Must create a tweet sharing your meme tagging both @ape_swap and @CafeSwapFinance on Twitter.
  3. The meme must include monkeys and coffee in some way.
  4. Must have fun doing it ❤️




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