ApeSwap x Telos Bridging & Strategy Guide

How to prepare for ApeSwap’s latest cross-chain expansion

4 min readOct 18, 2022

As of October 20th at 22:00 UTC, ApeSwap will support the Telos EVM network. Users can bridge their tokens from other chains like BNB Chain or Polygon to take advantage of ApeSwap’s many innovative products on Telos.

Connecting Your Wallet

First, make sure to add the Telos network to your wallet of choice. Telos supports the following wallets for use on ApeSwap:

  • Metamask
  • Brave Wallet
  • MathWallet
  • Nabox Wallet

You can add Telos to your wallet by connecting using Teloscan.io here or Chainlist here and adding Telos EVM as a network to your wallet.

Bridging Tokens to Telos’ EVM Network

Follow the instructions below to bridge your tokens on another chain over to Telos:

1) Visit Multichain’s cross-chain router here: https://app.multichain.org/#/router and connect your wallet.

2) Select your input token in the From section. Note: at launch, ApeSwap will support the following tokens on Telos: BANANA, ETH, BTC, USDT, USDC, and TLOS.

3) Select the chain that your input token is on (BNB Chain, Polygon, ETH) as your input chain in the From section.

4) Select the same token as your output token in the To section.

5) Select Telos as your output chain in the To section.

6) Enter the amount of tokens you want to bridge from your input chain to Telos in the From section.

7) Note the Crosschain Fee, transaction minimum and maximum amounts, and estimated Crosschain Arrival time.

8) Click “Swap”.

Your tokens will arrive within the quoted time frame.

Earning With Telos EVM

Once you’ve received your tokens, you can connect your wallet to ApeSwap and start using any of ApeSwap’s Telos-enabled products starting on October 20th at 22:00 UTC, including:

  • ApeSwap DEX: trade six tokens and counting on Telos
  • Telos Farms: stake Telos partner LPs to earn partner tokens
  • Treasury Bills: use Telos LPs to purchase discounted partner tokens

Users that bridge their tokens in advance will have the opportunity for the early, higher APRs in Telos Farms and deeper token discounts through Treasury Bills!

Users can also stake their GNANA in the Stake GNANA, Earn TLOS Staking Pool to earn additional TLOS. Note: the Stake GNANA, Earn TLOS Staking Pool is on BNB Chain. You’ll have to bridge your rewards to the Telos Network using the steps above if you want to spend or swap the rewards there.

Telos Gas Airdrop

To help ApeSwap users facilitate their first transactions and feel the speed and convenience of the Telos network, Telos will airdrop 1 $TLOS to all GNANA holders. As with governance, staked GNANA will be included for the purposes of the airdrop.

To qualify for the Gas Airdrop, users must have at least 1 GNANA acquired through apeswap.finance/gnana at the time of the snapshot on October 19th at 22:00 UTC. The Gas Airdrop will take place on October 20th at 20:00 UTC (two hours before launch). Note that the $TLOS will be airdropped via the Telos EVM network, not BNB Chain.




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