ApeSwap + Squirrel: This Partnership is NUTS

Monkeys and Squirrels to the moon together 🚀

2 min readMar 13, 2021


Us apes love all animal friends, regardless of size 🐭, shape 🐊 or background 🐝 . Today we are joined by new friends who have traveled all the way from the neighboring Jungle of Ethereum to join us!

Apes, welcome Squirrel.finance! 🐿️

These nutty devs have been cooking up some great 🔥 takes on how to better protect farmers. Stake tokens on on Squirrel to earn rewards in that token plus NUTS as well!

But it doesn’t stop there 🤯 . In the event of a smart contract bug and you can’t get your funds back, you get paid out in NUTS.

To get things even nuttier 🌰, Squirrel and ApeSwap are giving away up to $25,000 in rewards to pool liquidity for NUTS/BANANA. Pool and stake your LP tokens up to 4 times!

Rewards will happen in 4 rounds:

  1. $5,000 in NUTS for ~24hrs starting NOW!
  2. $5,000 in BANANA for ~24hrs 0:00 UTC March 14th

Previous: If the community pools over $250,000 in liquidity (WHICH WE DID!), we will remove our initial liquidity, BURN HALF and GIVE HALF back to the community!

Update: We hit the 250k of liquidity! After reviewing we decided to INCREASE the NUTS rewards and EXTEND the reward period!

That means:

  1. On the 16th we remove LPs as planned
  2. Take $BANANA and buy $NUTS (nuts am I right 😏)
  3. Give out an additional $15,000 in NUTS rewards for 1 week starting 00:00 UTC March 17th (rewards based on price when first pool was created).

Let’s hit the goal 💪, pool some BANANA & NUTS and welcome our Squirrel friends!




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