ApeSwap Presents: HOT DEFI SUMMER 🌞

Your favorite DEX on BSC just go a whole lot hotter 😎

3 min readJun 2, 2021

Apes, we honestly aren’t sure if you are ready for what we have in store for you this summer, but what we do know is… this summer is going to be HOT 🔥

DeFi Summer 2.0 is calling, are you gonna pick up? ☎️

But ApeSwap, what does #HotDefiSummer even mean?

We’ll tell you what it means:

It means we will be coming at you with the hottest DeFi updates all summer long 🔥 The juiciest APRs in the Jungle 🌴 endless announcements 📲 and new features and commitments 💻

BUT most importantly, it means that we are all in this together, living our best lives, as one big happy ApeSwap Family, just doing us and working to grow the Jungle 🌴 🐵 ❤️

And with that, drumroll please… 🥁

Introducing: The 10 Commandments

With the help of Obie Dobo, Apetastic, DK, Apeguru and Harambe we’ve developed our creed, our system of belief, our principles, in which to respect and grow the jungle for all animals. This season Apes will do more than survive, but thrive, all summer long 🚀

The Rules are as follows:

  1. All animals are welcome in the jungle 🐵
  2. The Jungle is always open 🌴
  3. We’re always buidling ⚒️
  4. HODL Hard, Ape Harder 💪
  5. The early ape gets the juiciest APRs 🤤
  6. DYOR 🤓
  7. Thursday will henceforth be known as “Burnsday” 🔥
  8. Reject humanity, return to Ape-LPs 🦧
  9. Every time you buy GNANA, eat a real banana 🍌
  10. There is always money in the Banana Stand 💰

Introducing: June Pledges

Additionally, every month we are going to bring the ApeSwap community a whole new set of features and services to the platform. These pledges will be released by the one and only ObieDobo in our Telegram on the first of each month and my oh my are we excited to share our first set with you!

Charting Integration — ApeSwap will have full featured charts

20 New Trading Pairs — We will add 20+ new pairs

Weekly Trading Competitions — We will keep trading HOT

Weekly AMAs — get all your questions answered on top Jungle partners with Obie Dobo

Burnsday — As elected by the community, Apetastic will burn every Thursdays

Weekly ApeTV Episodes with Champin Chip — bringing you the best news in Binance Smart Chain.

Monke Mondayz Meme Competitions — whats ApeSwap without weekly memes??

All NFAs Released — The full 1,000 NFA collection will be in circulation!

NFA Reward Weekly Draws — We will reward our NFA holders.

We couldn’t be more excited for #HotDeFiSummer and our CMO Rafiki has a lot more in store for you Apes.

Don’t miss a thing by following us on Twitter and Ape into the family at ApeSwap.Finance. Going to be a crazy summer ❤️ 🐵




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