ApeSwap + Jetfuel: Increasing Safety for our Communities

Turtledex, due diligence, and our next steps.

2 min readMar 19, 2021

Addressing the Turtledex situation

If you haven’t heard by now, TTDX has pulled the rug. We are gathering facts, but will report more as we confirm details.

ApeSwap & Jetfuel perform due diligence on every project to make sure we’re bringing the best for our communities. But that can only go so far. Each one of our partners is a separate project and we must trust them to deliver, do the right things, and be responsible for their own investors and communities.

But that in no way absolves us from being careful with listings. By partnering with projects, we give them a platform and give them credibility. We are sorry with the way Turtledex has unfolded. We are working with the appropriate authorities to see what recovery measures can be taken.

Turtledex will soon be delisted and the pool removed from ApeSwap. We are sorry for the impacts this listing and partnership has caused.

We will make it up to our apes in the long term ❤️

Jetfuel + ApeSwap Next Steps

It’s clear that we should do everything in our power to make sure this doesn’t happen again, and we must put in effort to remedy any impacts that have occurred. Here’s what we’re doing next:

  1. Jetfuel & ApeSwap are co-developing a much stricter vetting process for our new partners. We are aiming to form a vetting standard for new projects in the BSC space. Program details will be released as soon as we have them available.
  2. Any new projects that we add will be flagged with warnings to ensure new entrants understand the potential risks involved.
  3. Jetfuel & ApeSwap will work with exchanges and other authorities in an attempt to recover any lost or stolen funds for those impacted.

Once again, we are deeply disappointed in how this unfolded. We can do better and will do better.




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