ApeSwap Introduces Zap Functionality ⚡️

The fastest way to navigate ApeSwap’s DeFi products

3 min readSep 13, 2022

As part of ApeSwap’s ongoing commitment to improving the user experience across each of the products in our DeFi Hub, we’re excited to announce our newest time-saving (and gas-saving) feature: the Zap function. Using Zap is the fastest way to go from holding any single token on BNB Chain or Polygon to using one of ApeSwap’s robust DeFi services.

Zap functionality allows users to reduce the amount of steps needed to access a variety of ApeSwap products. There are three main ways to use Zap, which we’ll be rolling out in stages across the coming weeks.

Stage I: Single Token to LP

The first stage of the Zap feature is the ability to go from a single token to a liquidity provider (LP) token in a single transaction. Before Zap, users had to manually acquire both tokens of an LP pair, then combine them to receive an APE-LP token that represented that LP pair.

As of Sept 14th, users will be able to use a toggle on the Get LP modal to enable Zap. The Zap option will allow users to select an asset in their wallet (e.g., BUSD) and receive the target LP pair (e.g., BANANA-BNB) in one transaction. The Liquidity tab of the ApeSwap DEX will also have its own Zap section dedicated to single-token-to-LP Zaps.

We’ll be implementing this feature across a number of ApeSwap products, including:

  • ApeSwap DEX
  • BANANA Farms
  • Jungle Farms
  • BANANA Maximizers
  • Treasury Bills

Stage II: Single Token to ApeSwap Products

The next stage in the evolution of the Zap feature offers users the ability to go from a single token straight into ApeSwap’s unique products, starting with Treasury Bills. Before Zap, users had to manually acquire the LPs needed to purchase a Treasury Bill.

As of Sept 30th, users will be able to use a drop down on the Treasury Bill page to select a single asset instead of an LP to acquire a particular Bill. Over time, we’ll expand this stage to include other ApeSwap products, including Staking Pools, BANANA and Jungle Farms, and BANANA Maximizers. This will be part of the implementation of our MasterApeV2 rollout.

Stage III: Migrate LPs

The final stage of new functions that the Zap feature enables is a migration option for users to move LP tokens from external sources and into the ApeSwap ecosystem. Instead of having to swap or sell external LPs on a third-party DEX, then re-acquire LPs on ApeSwap, users can use Zap to bring them over.

As of Oct 21st, users will be able to access a new tab on the Liquidity page called Migrate, which will automatically identify the external LPs in a user’s wallet.




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