ApeSwap Extends Treasury Bills Product to Polygon

Two new partners, Dogira and TokenTraxx, start sustainable liquidity mining on new chain

3 min readSep 20, 2022

In the three months since the launch of ApeSwap’s sustainable liquidity mining (SLM) initiative on BNB Chain, Treasury Bills have created over $600k in protocol-owned liquidity for ApeSwap, and another nearly $600k for our partners, including Ceek, DappRadar, and FlokiInu. Today, we’re excited to announce that ApeSwap is working with two new partners to bring SLM to Polygon: Dogira and TokenTraxx.

About Polygon Bills

Polygon Bills will work just like the Treasury Bills that ApeSwap has created on BNB Chain. Users spend their liquidity provider (LP) tokens, and in return, they receive a Treasury Bill NFT that represents partner tokens that vest over a certain time. The amount that these partner tokens are discounted depends on several factors, which are outlined in the Treasury Bills page of our documentation.

Treasury Bills create sustainable liquidity that projects own, as well as revenue through LP fees, setting up partner projects for long term success. By focusing on owned liquidity through Treasury Bills, our partners on Polygon also reduce their liability on temporary liquidity incentive spending, netting massive savings on treasury spends. ApeSwap has already saved projects like DappRadar over $360,000 annualized in RADAR emissions!

Two New Partners: Dogira and TokenTraxx

Over the next week, ApeSwap will be launching Polygon Bills with Dogira and TokenTraxx, allowing users to spend their LP tokens to receive $DOGIRA or $TRAXX (respectively) at a discount relative to current market prices.

Dogira and TokenTraxx understand the necessity of treasury diversification and building up long term liquidity for their projects. That’s why they both jumped fully into Treasury Bills!


Dogira is a gaming studio creating an ecosystem of Blockchain gaming experiences with utility-based NFTs.

Bill Launch Date: 9/21/22, 22:00 UTC

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DogiraOfficial

Initial Allocation: 35,000,000 $DOGIRA ($50k USD)

Vesting period: 60 days


TokenTraxx is an NFT marketplace, built by musicians for the music community, currently in open beta and fully launching later in 2022. It provides users with a whole new way to create, curate, and collect music.

Bill Launch Date: 9/22/22, 22:00 UTC

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TokenTraxx

Initial Allocation: 250,000 $TRAXX ($50k USD)

Vesting period: 14 days

About Sustainable Liquidity Mining

ApeSwap has been focused on growing its DeFi Hub service offerings, and our sustainable liquidity mining program has proven to be extremely successful. By expanding to Polygon, ApeSwap is poised to create value for a new audience of partners and users, generating protocol-owned liquidity for our partners and offering discounted tokens to users.

If you’re a crypto project looking to create sustainable liquidity, please contact us here: apeswap.click/partners




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