ApeSwap Dev Digest | July 2023 Edition

7 min readJul 5, 2023

Introducing ApeSwap’s Monthly “Dev Digest”

Hello and welcome to ApeSwap’s inaugural Dev Digest! ​​

ApeSwap’s Dev Digest is our new monthly bulletin, delivered like clockwork (on the first Wednesday of each month), designed to keep you in the loop about our exciting DeFi journey — tracing where we’ve been, understanding our current position, and looking at next steps. You’ll get to hear straight from our Product team, the dedicated builders shaping the advancements of ApeSwap’s product suite.

We’ll be providing updates in 3 recurring sections each month:

  • Priority List Updates — All the important progress, adjustments, and achievements in our various development workflows.
  • Metrics Review — Some nuts and bolts of the ApeSwap ecosystem, giving a high-level overview of numbers and statistics.
  • Highlight Section — A showcase of anything exciting that doesn’t fit into the above. Special achievements, developer spotlights, product highlights, did-you-knows, and much more.

So, let’s dive in together and explore the exciting updates that ApeSwap has in store!

Priority List Updates

You might’ve noticed that one element missing in ApeSwap’s ecosystem is a clear priority list / roadmap of what the team is working on.

Before we dive into the Priority List, we need to set a few ground rules:

  1. Expect Changes: These items aren’t fixed tasks, but rather the most promising developments currently in ApeSwap’s pipeline. The list is fluid and will change as we adapt to evolving circumstances and new opportunities.
  2. Subjective Order: Each track is unique, and the progression isn’t linear. Some items might take longer than others, and each task doesn’t equate to the same amount of work. The order we’ve listed them isn’t necessarily a reflection of their importance or the sequence of completion.
  3. Ongoing Work: Remember, ApeSwap is a thriving ecosystem with over 10 products operating across 4 chains — and we’re still growing! Besides the tasks mentioned in the Priority List, there are countless small enhancements, routine maintenance, and fine-tuning processes running continuously in the background.
  4. Limited Details: There will be times when we can’t reveal all the intricate details of our future plans for a variety of reasons. We appreciate your understanding when we can only provide headlines for these forward-looking initiatives.

Looking Back: Review of June 2023

Since this is our first month publishing roadmap updates, we won’t be reflecting on the previous month’s commentary, but instead looking at 2 major pushes from last month:

Real Yield Pool: This development was primarily a communications and governance effort, as it was voted on by the community, but it marked a pivotal advancement for ApeSwap’s product suite. The Real Yield Pool was not just necessary, but eagerly anticipated, as it managed to successfully link the DAO’s performance back to our token holders. This initiative represents an important step in our journey, ensuring our community remains at the heart of our growth. For more information on what “Real Yield” means in general, check out this wonderful article from Binance.

The recent rollout of our new GNANA pools (GNANA/BNB & improved GNANA/BANANA) has seen remarkable uptake, with over 1,000 users staking a combined total of over $500,000. This signifies a whopping increase of more than 300% in pool stakes value compared to the previous period. Naturally, unstakes have also risen by 52% versus the previous period, due to the optimization of the BANANA/BANANA pool emissions. Despite this, the net outcome has been decidedly positive for the protocol, particularly when considering the total BANANA burnt during this period: 42.5 Million.

Frontend Migration: Maybe you picked up on it (although we hope it went unnoticed), but last month, ApeSwap covertly launched a new frontend repository (which is now public!). Our previous frontend repository had accumulated a fair amount of technical debt since it was originally forked from PancakeSwap over two years ago. This does mean that we’re navigating through a temporary URL maze (you might encounter URLs like dex.apeswap.finance, apeswap.finance, or legacy.apeswap.finance depending on where you are). But don’t fret, we’re actively working on streamlining this. Keep reading for more details below.

The migration to our new NextJS repository has ushered in some impressive enhancements in user experience. We’ve witnessed a reduction of 28.47% in average page load time, decreasing from 13.70 seconds to a swift 9.80 seconds. Moreover, we’ve seen improvements in domain lookup time and server connection time. We’re committed to consistently improving this metric, with a particular focus on ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for users around the globe, especially those with slower internet connections.

Looking Forward: Major July 2023 Priorities

Liquidity Health Dashboard
You might already have caught wind from our other communications, but ApeSwap is introducing a groundbreaking product to our ecosystem. We’re moving beyond our traditional realm of financial offerings, by bringing the Liquidity Health Dashboard to market. This innovative analytical tool has been designed to help users gain a deeper understanding of what liquidity health truly means, identify which projects possess it, and explore ways to enhance it. This is expected to launch July 6th.

B2B Bonds Landing Page:

Partner education is key when it comes to the complex world of bonds. That’s why we’re in the process of creating a dedicated Bond Landing Page for Partners. This page will serve as an intuitive primer for our incoming partners, designed to demystify bonds, and pique interest in the service offering. The aim is to provide a smoother learning curve and better understanding of the bond market, promoting a more informed and efficient partnership within the ApeSwap ecosystem.

Frontend Cleanup & Deprecations:

We’re in the process of smoothing out the remaining items to unify our frontend into a single platform (instead of several disparate URLs). This initiative involves enhancements in routing, deprecation of outdated services, and other essential cleanup measures to create a seamless user experience. This is expected to be a rolling effort throughout July.

Homepage Revamp:

We’re excited to unveil a revamped homepage, engineered to effectively showcase the prominence of Sustainable Liquidity Mining, Bonds, and Liquidity Health services in our ecosystem — as well as showcase the classic items that made ApeSwap what it is today. We believe that this redesign will refresh the look and feel of ApeSwap and inspire new users and new activity. This is expected at the end of July.

Bond 3rd Party Integrations:

We’re actively developing our bonds solution to be more adaptable and versatile. This allows it to be easily incorporated into other platforms’ frontends and product suites, thereby enabling a more efficient bond sales across various channels. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make strides in these areas. Going to market with this in July will be subjective to partners.

Metrics Review
June Bonds

June Tokenomics

Highlight Section — The “LHD”

Out of all the amazing things going live this month, the Liquidity Health Dashboard (or “LHD” for short) is the most deserving! Having gone from idea to functioning concept aggregating data from nearly 30 chains in about 6 months is certainly an engineering feat.

The Liquidity Health Dashboard stands as a pioneering feature within the ApeSwap ecosystem. In fact, it is the first credentialing system of its kind within the decentralized finance sector, setting a new precedent in how we understand and interact with liquidity pools. But what makes this dashboard truly revolutionary is its distinct focus. It’s not merely a tool for investment research; instead, it is dedicated to enriching the understanding of both contributors and users about the health of various tokens.

This dashboard shifts the narrative, emphasizing predictive knowledge and understanding over pure price chart focused decision-making. It offers a detailed and digestible snapshot of token health, equipping everyone involved in the ecosystem with the insights they need. This unique focus democratizes information access, making it simpler and more straightforward for users and contributors to understand the intricacies of liquidity health. In doing so, the Liquidity Health Dashboard enhances ApeSwap’s ecosystem’s transparency, providing a robust platform for informed participation rather than speculative investing.

Closing Out

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through ApeSwap’s very first Dev Digest! Your support and engagement mean a lot to us.

If you’re curious on how you can contribute to our dev journey, here are a few ways that can help:

  1. Feedback on this Format: Did you find it helpful and easy to understand? Are there any areas you feel could be presented differently?
  2. Feedback on our Priorities: We value your perspective on our priority list as well. Do these align with your expectations as a user? Are there other areas you feel we should focus on?

Your feedback is an essential tool for us to refine our approach and continue building a platform that you love to use. So, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, ideas, and constructive critiques!




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