ApeSwap Dev Digest | August 2023 Edition

4 min readAug 1, 2023


ApeSwap’s Dev Digest, Round 2!

Hello and welcome back to our second monthly Dev Digest, where you get to hear straight from ApeSwap’s Development & Product Team! This month is packed with content about several wins, launches, and numbers across July, plus some upcoming advancements planned for August.

Priority List Updates

Below is our monthly refreshed & running list of priorities, along with some commentary both backward and forward. For a look at the previous month’s priority list to see how it compares, check out Dev Digest #1 here.

Looking Back: Review of July 2023

Liquidity Health Dashboard: In early July ApeSwap launched our data visualization tool to provide insights into the decentralized liquidity profile and sustainability of crypto projects — the Liquidity Health Dashboard. Even more exciting, the LHD was officially co-launched in conjunction with Polygon! This product release signified the first liquidity credentialing system that our industry has seen to date, and we’re glad to report it’s been a success.

Since the release of our password-protected Beta, we’ve had over 110,000 page views, 10+ public mentions & articles, and several 3rd party integration requests behind the scenes. If you haven’t gotten familiar with the LHD, check it out here (Hint: Password is LHDBeta).

B2B Bonds Landing Page: As bonds become a more mission-critical part of our product suite, the ability to explain the advantages of bonding over other forms of emissions has become essential. If you didn’t catch it, ApeSwap designed, developed, and released a new landing page focused on educating and converting interested projects into bonds partners. This page comes complete with an intro video, details on use cases, and data on our bond successes to date.

Return on Emissions Optimizations: Through a variety of means, July has been our most effective emissions-slashing month to date. These efforts have been ongoing and critical to the longevity and health of the BANANA token long term. At this point we’re excited to share that only the most essential services are receiving BANANA rewards; the BANANA Pool, the GNANA Pool, Bonds, and BNB Farms (to a small extent). Recent savings have come from the lending market, the Polygon farms, and continued emissions optimizations on BNB farms.

For more details, check out the monthly emissions summary graphic in the section below!

Organizational & Product Improvements: July saw a wide range of essential organizational and product improvements, stretching from a new homepage to a new API behind the scenes for faster and more real-time information about ApeSwap. Additionally, the product team shipped a new navigation bar on both desktop & mobile, plus made some routing upgrades (more to come, see section below).

Hopefully by now you’ve noticed a quicker website, sleeker landing page, and smoother navigation experience — if you haven’t head on over to ApeSwap & let us know what you think!

Looking Forward: Major August 2023 Priorities

Bond 3rd Party Integrations (& non Ape-LPs)

Good news: We’ve built out most of the core technical components needed to support integrating ApeSwap bonds into 3rd party protocols & non-Ape LP bonds.

Bad news: We did not get this solution to market in July. Good deals take time, and we’ve made great headway on the partnership front (proof in the passed Quickswap governance proposal here).

With that said, we are near the finish line for both non Ape LP bonds and 3rd party bond integrations, which will lead us to a massive expansion in our bonding offerings and broader LP support to satisfy user demand.

Tokenomic Redesign

We’ve heard it over & over again — the BANANA/GNANA holding community wants to see some tokenomic advancements. We agree. The core team has been considering and analyzing the best path forward for BANANA tokenomics & we’re excited to make August one of the most progressive months on that front.

More will be shared as it’s available, but tokenomics are certainly top of mind for our team this month.

Routing Enhancements

During July, ApeSwap made some small improvements to our router. Over August you can expect some more fine-tuning as we start inching towards an aggregator DEX model to offer more trades, chains, and better routes. This enables us to outsource a large portion of the routing work to continue offering swaps, but focus mostly on our main bonding services.

LHD Improvements

The LHD has been on the market for a little less than a month, and since then we’ve sourced tons of helpful feedback from a wide range of parties. Analyzing this feedback and coming up with product improvements is up next for the LHD. Specifically, we are targeting:

  • New types of data & data points for all listed projects
  • Integration of LHD data into other data providers
  • User experience & UI improvements
  • Moving the LHD out of a password-protected Beta

Metrics Review

July Bonds

July Bonds

July Tokenomics




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