ApeBond Expands DeFi Bonds to Ethereum: A Whole New World of Opportunities

3 min readMar 12, 2024

ApeBond is thrilled to announce a significant expansion of its DeFi Bonds platform to the Ethereum blockchain, marking our fifth blockchain integration since our Bonds journey began in early 2022. This strategic move not only diversifies our reach across the blockchain universe but also reinforces our commitment to bringing innovative, sustainable DeFi solutions to a broader audience.

Ethereum Bonds addition to our roster is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the DeFi space. By integrating Ethereum, known for its pioneering role in smart contracts and DApps, we are opening up to the largest DeFi community in terms of users and volume.

Introducing Our Nine Launch Partners on Ethereum

Our launch on Ethereum is supported by an exciting array of partners, each bringing their distinct flair and expertise to our Bonds offering. Here’s a glimpse into the pioneering projects joining us on this venture:

  • Cirus Foundation: Empowering users to turn their data into digital assets, Cirus Foundation is at the forefront of data ownership and monetization on the blockchain.
  • Cogito Finance: As a SingularityNET ecosystem project, CogitoFi leverages Snet’s AI technologies for intelligent asset management, tokenizing RWAs for onchain access.
  • GPT Protocol: A blockchain-based platform aiming to decentralize AI development, GPT Protocol encourages community contributions to AI projects and rewards participants.
  • Forward Protocol: Implementing blockchain to revolutionize education and knowledge sharing, Forward Protocol offers tools for creators to monetize content and for learners to access it seamlessly.
  • ETH MONSTA: A vibrant ecosystem which combines deflation, user rewards, and buyback mechanics with a yield-bearing multi-vault system that fosters the protocol and the value of their native token.
  • Chirpley: The world’s first fully automated, AI-driven, peer-to-peer, all-in-one influencer marketplace totally dedicated to nano and micro-influencers.
  • GPT Plus: Enhancing the capabilities of generative AI with blockchain, GPT Plus focuses on privacy, security, and user empowerment in AI interactions.
  • Strike Finance: Aiming to redefine DeFi lending and borrowing, Strike Finance offers innovative financial products that ensure liquidity, security, and accessibility.
  • Planet IX: An NFT-strategy game where an entire world is your playing field. Shape your own strategy to acquire and connect land to form territories, and unlock additional game features and modes.

Why Ethereum, and Why Now?

Our expansion to Ethereum, our fifth chain, is more than just a milestone; it’s a strategic decision to leverage Ethereum’s vast network and capabilities to introduce DeFi Bonds to an even wider audience. As we recently surpassed 100 Bonds partners, and with the current cycle’s conditions, Ethereum’s rich ecosystem of projects and developers provides the perfect backdrop for our innovative Bonds product, offering unique opportunities for growth, scalability, and impact.

By partnering with these nine diverse projects, we aim to showcase the versatility and potential of Bonds across various sectors within the Ethereum ecosystem. From data ownership and financial strategies to AI development and GameFi, our launch partners exemplify the breadth of innovation happening on Ethereum.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Bonds

The launch of Ethereum Bonds signifies a new chapter in our mission to empower decentralized finance through sustainable practices. As we approach the 10 million dollar mark in our Total Bonded Value, we welcome our Ethereum Bonds launch partners and the broader Ethereum community to explore the possibilities of our Bonds product. We remain committed to continue expanding our offering with more high quality partners joining us week by week.

Together, we stand at the forefront of a movement that promises not only to innovate but to transform the way the Web3 world views and interacts with protocols. Join us as we continue to break new ground and set the standards for what DeFi can truly achieve.




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