ApeBond Announces ABOND Recharged Featuring $500k Buyback Program & Real Yield

3 min readJul 8, 2024


As we wrap up the first half of the year, it’s a perfect moment to look back on our milestones and fulfill our commitments. We’ve been diligently enhancing our Bonds product, which has been delivering outstanding performance. Now, it’s time to link that success to our token and its holders.

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$500k Buyback Program

We are excited to announce our Buyback Program, committing $500,000 USD for ABOND buybacks over the next three months! This program is already active and represents a major boost for our token and community.

This initiative aims to strengthen our ecosystem and benefit our users by supporting the token’s price.

Effective right now, ApeBond has optimized its liquidity profile, adding 225 BNB ($124,000+ USD) to the BNB Chain Liquidity. The planned buybacks, in combination with the new liquidity strategy, are aimed to bolster ABOND’s value in a continued fashion, providing better market conditions for holders and newcomers.

Real Yield is Coming!

ApeBond is thrilled to introduce a new earning opportunity for our most dedicated users: Real Yield!

Starting this quarter, users will be able to stake ABOND to earn BNB coming directly from ApeBond’s revenue (initially available on BNB Chain only). The more ABOND you lock, the higher your yield.

Get ready to start earning BNB on ApeBond soon. Get ABOND now!

But Wait, There’s More

  • Flash Bonds: As we enter the new half of the year, we are launching a new Flash Bonds schedule! If you’re new to Flash Bonds, they provide a chance to purchase tokens like $BTC, $ETH, and $BNB at a discount. The updated weekly schedule ensures continuous opportunities to engage with our Bonds products and access exclusive deals. Check the new calendar and secure your Ape Tier early to avoid missing out!
  • 🎉Bonds Fiesta: We are celebrating two fantastic years of bond partnerships with a spectacular Bonds Fiesta! In collaboration with Galxe, this event includes several Bonds partners and over $10,000 in prize money! Get ready for an exciting fiesta filled with opportunities to win big. Join the fun and earn rewards — let’s celebrate together!

Looking Ahead

ApeBond is always evolving to provide the best in sustainable DeFi. We have more exciting updates for Q3 2024:

  • ApeBond is expanding to more chains! Our Bonds product is already available on 8 chains, and we plan to add more.
  • We are excited to announce cross-chain utility for ABOND coming next quarter. This means your ABOND will hold value across all supported chains, no matter where it’s held!
  • The Extra Discount utility is making good progress. Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy extra discounts on Bonds purchases based on your Tier.

Exciting developments are on the horizon at ApeBond — stay tuned for more!




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