ApeBond and AiTech Announce Revolutionary Partnership

3 min readMar 28, 2024

ApeBond, a leader in DeFi solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of AiTech Bonds, a groundbreaking collaboration powered by ApeBond for the AiTech Pad website. This white label partnership marks a significant milestone in both project’s DeFi journeys, combining ApeBond’s innovative Bonds product with AiTech’s successful launchpad and their blockchain AI capabilities.

Pioneering a New Era of DeFi Bonds

Since the original launch of the Bonds product in early 2022, ApeBond has been at the forefront of the DeFi bonds market, successfully bonding over $10 million USD until today. The launch of $AITECH Bonds in September 2023 represents a pivotal expansion, with more than $400k worth of $AITECH sold through the ApeBond platform. This initiative underscores our commitment to revolutionizing DeFi practices by offering sustainable, growth-focused solutions.

AiTech: A Rising Star in Blockchain AI

AiTech has rapidly established itself as a premier blockchain AI project, achieving all-time high prices and ascending to the top 500 projects on CoinMarketCap. The AiTech Pad, known for its innovative launchpad, has consistently delivered successful launches with an average 12.3x return for investors. With over 27,000 $AITECH token holders, AiTech’s partnership with ApeBond signifies a strategic move towards incorporating Bonds technology to bolster their Launchpad partners and product offerings.

Introducing AiTech Bonds: Empowering Users and Projects

AiTech Bonds, as like ApeBond Bonds, leverage a unique blend of traditional finance, DeFi, and NFTs, allowing users to purchase tokens at a discount in return for liquidity provider tokens or single assets, like stable coins. These Bonds, represented as unique NFTs, are designed to foster long-term engagement and growth. There are two type of Bonds:

  • Liquidity Bonds: Users exchange their Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens for discounted partner project’s tokens which vest over time.
  • Reserve Bonds: Users exchange their stablecoins or blue chips for discounted partner project’s tokens which vest over time.

Additionally, AiTech Bonds’ NFTs feature exclusive new artwork, including AiTech’s founders and Robot as legends!

The very first AiTech Bonds featuring Octavia are already here — Make sure to check them out.

ApeBond: Revolutionizing DeFi with Sustainable Solutions

As our second “Powered by” whitelabel solution following our successful collaboration with QuickSwap, ApeBond continues to promote sustainable DeFi practices. Known for its Crowdsource OTC solution and treasury diversification strategies, ApeBond has launched Bonds with over 100 projects, selling 25,000+ bonds and achieving a top 10 Dapp status by daily active users (DAU) according to CoinMarketCap.

ApeBond is dedicated to setting projects up for long-term success by focusing on sustainable tokenomics, liquidity acquisition, and treasury diversification. Our expertise in Dexonomics and on-chain liquidity optimization ensures that partner projects can achieve their growth objectives while contributing to a more stable and sustainable DeFi ecosystem.

Looking Forward

This collaboration between ApeBond and AiTech marks a significant step forward in the DeFi landscape, promising enhanced value for both projects and their communities. Through AiTech Bonds, we are not only providing innovative financial solutions but also paving the way for the future of blockchain technology and AI integration in the DeFi space.

Make sure to check out the AiTech Bonds interface on the AiTech Pad. Join us in embracing the future of DeFi, powered by ApeBond and AiTech.




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