Announcing the CARV Node Sale on the ApeBond Launchpad

4 min readMay 18, 2024


We are thrilled to announce the upcoming sale of CARV Nodes on the ApeBond Launchpad, marking our first-ever Node Sale! This sale provides a fantastic opportunity for participants to contribute to the CARV network’s decentralization and security, benefiting from the innovative Up-to-100% Buyback Program.

Introducing CARV


  • Over 750 gaming and AI companies integrated, including more than 30% of all Web3 games.

Active User Base:

  • 2.5M+ registered players.
  • 1M+ monthly active users.
  • 900K unique on-chain CARV ID holders.

Top-Ranked Activity:

  • 5.7M verified attestations.
  • Over 500K daily active wallets.
  • Ranked #1 on Ronin, zkSync, and Linea chains.
  • Deployed on 40+ chains.

Financial Milestones:

  • $1M+ in monthly revenue.
  • $20M in private funding from leaders like Tribe Capital, Temasek Vertex, MARBLEX (Netmarble), YGG, and The Sandbox.

CARV Ecosystem Components:

  1. CARV Protocol: Modular data layer for secure data exchange and value distribution in gaming and AI.
  2. CARV Play: Platform for gamers to manage profiles, discover games, and connect with players.
  3. CARV AI (Cara): AI-powered Telegram assistant for personalized recommendations and streamlined interactions.

CARV Protocol Architecture:

  • Identity Layer: Integrates CARV ID (ERC-7231) for unified profiles.
  • Data Storage Layer: Dynamic system for optimal data storage.
  • Computational and Training Layer: Processes data and trains AI models in a confidential setting.
  • Execution Layer: Manages reward allocation based on processing and verification.
  • Verification Layer: Ensures data integrity through community verifiers.

Verifier Nodes:

To maintain the protocol’s integrity, security, and decentralization, CARV introduces Verifier Nodes — community-operated nodes that validate system operations and protect user privacy.

The CARV Node Sale is a landmark event in data ownership, offering a unique opportunity to participate in an ecosystem that empowers individuals and transforms data usage and sharing.

In summary, Nodes allow CARV to:

  • Ensure network decentralization and integrity.
  • Uphold user security and data privacy.
  • Support network scalability and integration.

Operating a Verifier Node:

  • Minimum: 1+ core CPU, 2GB RAM, 4 MBit/sec download.
  • Recommended: 2+ cores CPU, 4GB+ RAM, 8+ MBit/sec download.
  • Requires License Key (NFT) for on-chain consensus and rewards.
  • Delegation option available for ease of management.

How to Run a Node?

If you need help on how to run a CARV Node, you can check these awesome resources below:


  • Contribute to network decentralization and security.
  • Participate in equitable value distribution.
  • Maintain data privacy and sovereignty.

By participating in the CARV ecosystem, users can contribute to a decentralized, user-owned internet while enjoying financial benefits and ensuring data integrity and privacy.

ApeBond Sale Details

  • Sale Date: Tuesday, May 21st, at 15:00 UTC
  • Total Raise: $150,000
  • Total Nodes For Sale: 138
  • Price Per Node: 1,086.96 USDT (purchased with USDT)

The sale will follow a tiered “First Come, First Served” (FCFS) format, with each tier having a 30-minute participation window before the next tier is added. The schedule is as follows:

  • Round 1: Legend (30 mins)
  • Round 2: Legend and Diamond (30 mins)
  • Round 3: Legend, Diamond, and Gold (30 mins)
  • Round 4: Legend, Diamond, Gold, and Silver (30 mins)
  • Round 5: Legend, Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze (30 mins)
  • Round 6: ANY user (12 hours)

There will be a 30-minute gap between each round, with the first one starting at 15:00 UTC. This is the first time we are using this sale format, ensuring a fair and structured process for all participants, and opening to any user at the final part of the sale (if there’s any unsold Nodes).

To maximize your chances of participating in the Node sale, get your Ape Tier now! Access our veABOND page, lock $ABOND, and earn Tier Points — the longer you lock, the more points you’ll get!

Get your Tier now by locking $ABOND over at

About the CARV Node Buyback Program

CARV aims to foster a decentralized, user-owned internet by addressing monopolization concerns. The Up-to-100% Buyback Program offers node license holders financial security with options for 100% buyback in $CARV or 80% immediate buyback in ETH. Eligibility requires maintaining a 70% participation rate without redeeming veCARV rewards to $CARV.

Program Details

  • 100% buyback in $CARV: 30-day linear vesting
  • 80% immediate buyback in ETH: Immediate release

Participants will have 7 days to join the program, starting six months post-Token Generation Event (TGE). The program ensures transparency through smart contract integration and third-party audits.

Join us in this exciting opportunity to support a decentralized, sustainable, and user-owned internet. For more information, please visit CARV’s Medium article.

We look forward to your participation in the CARV Node Sale on the ApeBond Launchpad!




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