Announcing ApeSwap: Binance Smart Chain AMM

Calling all DeFi Apes 🦍

2 min readFeb 14, 2021

Here at ApeSwap.Finance, we have one goal. Sending all DeFi Monkeys to the moon 🚀 Join us on our celestial mission, fueled by $BANANA, to rocket ourselves into outer orbit.

What is ApeSwap?

ApeSwap is an Automated Market Maker, Yield Farming, and Staking platform on Binance Smart Chain (forked from PancakeSwap). ApeSwap was built by DeFi Apes, for DeFi Apes. We have a dedicated team of experienced monkeys, who have been in the crypto space for years. $BANANA is the native currency of our platform. Stake, pool, and earn $BANANA all on ApeSwap.

You can view our platform and additional details at ApeSwap.Finance 🦍

Tell me about this $BANANA Frenzy?

Monkeys were made to go to the moon. Together.

To get us there, we’ve designed a special Liquidity Mining and Staking Program — called the $BANANA Frenzy. Here’s how it works:

  • The first 72 hours, 40 $BANANA minted per block
  • The second 72 hours, 20 $BANANA minted per block
  • Forever after, 10 $BANANA minted per block

Note: 10% of all rewards will go to the dev fund to be burned and used for operations over time. Rewards will start at block 4860914.

Are you gonna burn $BANANA?

Of course! We have lots of burning planned as we grow and continue to get community support. We’ll make sure to announce it each time we burn 🔥

Additionally, we have designed a first-of-its-kind $BANANA Burn Map. Work together as a community to hit milestones and trigger a $BANANA burn 🍌

What’s Next? How do I get Involved?

Good questions! Keep up to date with these resources:

Contract Details

BananaToken: 0x603c7f932ED1fc6575303D8Fb018fDCBb0f39a95

MasterApe: 0x5c8D727b265DBAfaba67E050f2f739cAeEB4A6F9

SupportApe: 0x54aff400858Dcac39797a81894D9920f16972D1D

BananaSplitBar: 0x86Ef5e73EDB2Fea111909Fe35aFcC564572AcC06

MultiCall: 0xc7Ad54Ff5C04A6E39D8C874A021aB0E42C45dE81

Timelock: 0x2F07969090a2E9247C761747EA2358E5bB033460

ApeFactory: 0x0841BD0B734E4F5853f0dD8d7Ea041c241fb0Da6

ApeRouter: 0xC0788A3aD43d79aa53B09c2EaCc313A787d1d607




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