A Launch To Save The World — ApeBond Launchpad Presents: Codyfight

3 min readMay 11, 2024


ApeBond Launchpad is excited to introduce its latest partnership with Codyfight, a revolutionary gaming project that redefines strategic gameplay with intelligent robots. Get ready to be a part of the $CTOK token sale, an event poised to transform the gaming world. Mark your calendars for May 13th at 15:00 UTC and prepare for an exhilarating experience in the realm of AI-driven battles.

Introducing Codyfight and the $CTOK Token

Codyfight is not merely a game; it’s a testament to the power of artificial intelligence in gaming. As a player, you become the master of your robots, guiding them through complex, evolving arenas akin to a futuristic chessboard where every move counts.

Game Features:

  • Shapeshifting Battlefields: Adapt your strategy in real-time within dynamic arenas.
  • Customizable Robots: Tailor your warriors with unique abilities and aesthetics.
  • Dual Control Modes: Engage directly with manual controls or use API for programming your tactics.

Codyfight is underpinned by collaborations with industry powerhouses like MEXC, GATE.IO, DAO Maker, ChainGPT, and the KIRIN fund, ensuring a robust and expansive gaming ecosystem.

Tokenomics and Sale Details

$CTOK Token Sale:

  • Date: May 13th
  • Time: 15:00 UTC
  • Total Allocation: 1,875,000 CTOK ($300,000 USD)
  • Sale Price: $0.16 per CTOK
  • Initial Release: 25% at Token Generation Event (TGE)
  • Vesting Schedule: 60-day cliff followed by 180 days of linear vesting
  • Network: BNB Chain, with an airdrop on Arbitrum post-TGE*

*While this token sale is hosted on the BNB Chain, after you redeem, you will automatically receive the corresponding $CTOK tokens as an airdrop on Arbitrum at TGE time.

The $CTOK tokens are integral to enhancing gameplay, enabling players to customize and upgrade their robotic warriors and access exclusive in-game events.

How to Participate in the $CTOK Launch

Participating in the Codyfight launch is straightforward and inclusive, thanks to ApeBond’s tiered system:

  1. Understand the Tier System: Different tiers offer varied levels of access and benefits, ensuring fair participation for all community members.
  2. Get your Tier Status: Secure your tier by locking ABOND into veABOND. Earn bonus points by locking longer!
  3. Prepare Your Wallet: Ensure you have sufficient USDT in your wallet and are ready to convert it to $CTOK on the day of the sale.
Get your Tier now by locking $ABOND over at ape.bond/veabond!

The allocations per Tier for this sale are as follows:

First Round (Weighted Oversubscription)

  • Silver: 4% of total allocation
  • Gold: 14% of total allocation
  • Diamond: 30% of total allocation
  • Legend: 40% of total allocation

Second Round (First Come, First Served)

  • All Tiers: 12% of total allocation

Launch Structure:

  • Extended Sale Windows: To accommodate participants across various time zones, ensuring everyone has a chance to partake.
  • Ample Opportunity: Each phase of the sale will last for specific hours, separated by breaks to manage the flow and accessibility.

With a total allocation worth $300,000 USD, this launch underscores ApeBond’s growing impact and the significant market enthusiasm for innovative gaming experiences.

Why ApeBond?

At ApeBond, we’re dedicated to pioneering projects that push the boundaries of technology and entertainment. Our Launchpad is designed not just to launch tokens but to foster communities and ecosystems around them, ensuring sustained growth and engagement.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of Codyfight, a game that blends AI sophistication with strategic gameplay to deliver an unparalleled interactive experience. Join us as we set new standards in the gaming industry and participate in the $CTOK sale on the ApeBond Launchpad.

Prepare to command your robots and conquer the battlegrounds of the future. Join the Codyfight revolution today!

For more details and to secure your spot in the sale, visit the Codyfight launch page on ApeBond. Get ready for take-off! 🚀




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